Saturday, 17 March 2018

Saturday Snippets

Saturday, that precious beginning-of-the-weekend day, has dawned here with a clear blue sky and a slight breeze.  All is very quiet here though I fully expect someone will start up a mower sometime soon! (The grass is growing very enthusiastically after all the rain we've had!) My beautiful boy and his Dad headed off to cricket early this morning and left Sir Steve dog and I happily mooching around here at home. It feels already like a gentle, slow day that will unfold in ordinary moments and home-work of a kind that lets contentment settle in. Here's a snippet of what I think I might do today:

 Make lovely lemon curd from these fresh lemons & eggs. 
(A gift from a good friend's garden.)

Cut back this sweetly-scented star jasmine.
(It's now finished flowering.)

 Wash & then decide what I shall do with these used linens my mother sent me.
(They are old pillowslips and cushion covers.)

Cast on the scarf that I want to knit with this soft & sandy coloured wool. 
(Wish me luck!)

Make another one of this nutty & caramel-y alternative to the LCM bar.
(No plastic wrappers & unpronounceable ingredients here!)

Have a leisurely read of this Australian Permaculture magazine.
(I love the teapot on the cover!)

So, that's how my Saturday is shaping up. No plans to go anywhere but thoughts of happy, ordinary things that bring a simple joy. The lawn does need mowing but I'm sure we'll get to that in good time before I have to start calling it a jungle instead of lawn;)

Enjoy your weekend days. May they include some simple joys of your own.


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Here & Now 19

We've had a lot of rain here. Not as much as other areas to the far North, where torrential rain has caused widespread flooding. For many, this rain is a welcome relief from a drought that has parched their landscapes. 

Where I live, there is blue sky again now, dotted with clouds. The returning sun has brought with it the feeling of a season turning. Summer is fading and my favourite season, Autumn, has begun. 

Two skeins of a beautiful hand-dyed yarn.
(from Saltwater Yarns)

 A delicious Pear & Dark Chocolate Loaf.

Milky brown cotton for a new washcloth,

Loving //  The change in the season from Summer to Autumn.
                      Autumnal is one of my most favourite words!  💛

Eating //  Slices of lovely pear and dark chocolate loaf eaten warm when the chocolate
                      is still little sweet puddles.

Drinking //  Water, as always! A twist of lime or lemon too. 

Feeling //  Quite tired and sore. I have developed tendonitis in both feet!

Making //  A few washcloths in latte and chocolate brown cottons.

Thinking //  ... that I may swim laps and knit a lot while my feet heal.

Dreaming// ...   of a first shawl made with yarn the colour of sandstone cliffs.

Over at Say, Little Hen, you will find the lovely Sarah and others who post their own monthly Here & Now lists.  Why not make yourself a cup of tea or coffee (or pour a glass of whatever you fancy) and visit with them awhile? 


Friday, 9 March 2018

Just a Bit More Sewing

While I've been waiting for this glorious rain we've been getting to ease up, and for the sun to break through the clouds, I've squeezed in just a bit more sewing. (I think my knitting needles are beginning to feel neglected!)

 A home sewn skirt and top.

I made one of my oldest and closest friends her very own wrap skirt. She requested something in blues and I found this gorgeous floral fabric and a very sweet fabric, dotted with tiny little flowers, for the trim. I think these wrap skirts lend themselves to having fun with fabrics.

A pretty Cloud 9 poplin called "Blooming Buds".

 A sweet cotton lawn for the trim.

From the leftover fabric of the skirt's trim, I was able to make another sailor top.  I shortened the top this time, according to the pattern's instructions, and am happy with how it has turned out.  I have made up both of these patterns before. The second time around was easier because I remembered what I had done before. More confidence and less unpicking this time! 

There won't be any sewing on my radar this weekend. We are heading off to the beach. The forecast is for partly cloudy days so we will see what the weather brings. Think I will pack my knitting needles though seeing I am leaving my sewing machine behind;) 

Have yourself a really happy weekend!