Monday, 15 October 2018

A Rainy Weekend at Our Place

While the rain intermittently poured down outside, and drizzled in between those downpours, we remained (mostly) inside, all dry and cosy. I think there's something quite indulgent about wet weekends like this. They are the perfect "excuse" to eat comfort foods and sip warm drinks, snuggle under covers with good books, watch your favourite shows (having dragged those same covers to the lounge) and finish off a project or two. Here's a snapshot of the our rainy weekend:

Our rain soaked front verandah.

Raindrops on the olive trees.

Freshly baked Zucchini Slice Muffins.

Blanket stitching around a little felt brooch.

Cooking homemade minestrone soup.

A bunch of flat leaf parsley for the soup.

Pots of zucchini in the garden.

Little chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.
(The delicious smell of them wafted through the house.)

A cucumber plant soaks up  the rain.

Washing drying inside.

A warm drink & a library book.

A saturated back yard.

Hmm... quite a bit of comfort food there. 😊 I'm sure the homemade lasagna and sticky toffee pudding we shared with friends who came for dinner on Saturday night would also be classed as comforting too. It seems I cook and bake (and eat?) a lot when it rains!

What's your favourite way to spend a rainy day?


Saturday, 13 October 2018

Here & Now 24

Here, as I write this, it is raining steadily. Our sky is a blanket of heavy, grey cloud that has obscured the view of the horizon to the East. I don't think there will be a chance of rainbows today! The air is damp and cold and I am wearing the Winter woollies I have resisted packing away so far this Spring. Soon, I will make a warm drink for my hands to hold but I'm reluctant to move lest I wake the snoozing Sir Steve dog at my feet. Should he stir, the day will officially begin and I am content with the quiet just now

Arum Lily blooms.
(A gift from my Mother-in-Law.)

One creamy cotton washcloth.
(I really need to block it & weave in the ends.)

Tiny & sweet Alyssum.
(The honeybees and native bees both 💛 it.)

Our beautiful elderly statesman.
(Such a gentle soul.)

A single, white Ranunculus bloom.
(Catching the light of a sunnier day.)

Loving //  The warmth of creamier whites.

Eating //  Warm and nourishing meals like this delicious version of Shepherd's Pie.

Drinking //  Lime cordial, in defiance of the weather, and just because I love its zing.

Feeling //  Like the year, and the last of my son's primary school days, are passing by so

Making //  Less than I would like to be ... but I am adding to my pile of cotton washcloths!

Hoping //  ...  that our farmers, battling the drought, have had some of this
                          beautiful rain.

Dreaming //  Of Straddie island days which, at last count, are only 49 sleeps away!  

Our wet weekend days will be spent cocooned, warm and dry, at home. The furthest we might go is to the little creek, down the hill and round the corner, just to see how fast its flowing and to jump a few puddles along the way. Otherwise, we'll be watching the rain fall beyond the window panes and listening to its music on our roof.

Sarah over at Say, Little Hen, hosts this monthly link-up. I'm not sure if it's raining in her part of the world this morning but you can visit her there for a peek at her gorgeous photos and for links to others joining in to share snapshots of their own days.

Have a lovely weekend, no matter the weather!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Purple & White Flowers in my Garden

There are masses of some very pretty purple and white flowers blooming in the garden right now. I think the deeper purples really highlight the pure whites they are in flower with. A lovely colour combination!

Salvias have fast become one of my favourite plants in our sub-tropical garden.  They are colourful, fragrant, long-flowering, hardy and bees love them! I have quite a few different varieties growing now. This particular one, grown from a cutting, was given to me by a friend. It's thriving in the garden, covered in a mass of flowers. Whenever I see it, I think of my lovely gardening friend.

Wild Iris

A row of these strappy plants stops soil, from our driveway garden bed, washing into the rocky path we've made along one of our side boundary fences. Every single one of these plants came from the division of a clump I have in another part of the garden. They are incredibly hardy and readily self seed so you need to be sure you want them in your garden before you plant them! Wild Iris is sometimes called Butterfly Grass. Their masses of white and lilac flowers, fluttering about on the tops of their longs stems, do remind me of butterflies.

I remember this old-fashioned shrub from the gardens of my childhood. It's so pretty when in bloom; covered in flowers that fade from a deep purple all the way to white. It has a sweet fragrance too. Rather nondescript when not in flower, it's stunning when covered in a profusion of purples and white.

What colours are you noticing in your garden right now?