Monday, 16 January 2017

Dandelion Clocks Top

Do you have dandelions growing in your garden? Have you ever picked a fluffy dandelion clock and scattered the seeds with your wishes and breath? I am unable to resist blowing dandelion seeds everywhere whenever I discover a dandelion clock in the garden. Doing so, to me, feels like sweet and whimsical fun.

No dandelion clocks for my photo, just one little not-yet-open bud.

So, when I saw some beautiful and deep dark blue fabric printed with scattered dandelion clocks (there is something that draws me to botanical motifs on fabric) I knew it was for me. This is what I sewed it up to be:

 Now I can wear dandelions!

This was a much quicker project for me because I chose a pattern that I had sewn up before to make another top. The lightness of the fabric did cause me a few challenges because it slipped a bit more as I moved it through my sewing machine. My solution...more pins and more patience!

My little dandelion bowl.

Recently, a close friend gave me this lovely little bowl, so small that it fits snugly in one of my cupped hands. Upon its surface is a scattering of tiny dandelion seeds. So beautiful, my friend and my treasured gift.

A scattering of tiny seeds.

Dandelion clocks are such delicate puffballs. Next time you find one, I hope you'll take a deep breath, close your eyes and make a wish as you blow and disperse those tiny seeds.


Friday, 13 January 2017

From the Garden to the Table

When I decided to improve our garden here, so that we could grow some of our own food, one of my goals was to be able to use a vegetable, fruit or herb from the garden in every homemade meal.  So, when I wander out to the garden each morning now, with my little harvest basket tucked under my arm, I am not only looking at what's ripe or ready, but I'm thinking of how I can use that freshest of foods in our day's meals.

A small harvest of the freshest foods picked from just outside my back door.

In my little basket of homegrown goodness, picked yesterday morning, there was ...

... little ripe & red capsicums ...

... small and sweet baby zucchinis...

... bright green lettuce leaves ...

... cucumbers that are as crunchy as apples...

 ...  fresh & crisp '"Blue Lake Beans" ...

... long, chili-shaped yellow capsicums

In that basket, which also included a bunch of Italian flat-leaf parsley and some fragrant basil, I had something I could use in every meal I made yesterday. I used the herbs in delicious breakfast omelets. The lettuce, cucumber and beans went into a healthy garden salad for lunch which we had with zucchini "bread", made with some of those small and sweet zucchinis. In the evening, the sauce of our spaghetti bolognese was made using our capsicums, zucchini and more basil that I picked from just outside my back door. Something from the garden in every meal!

Zucchini "bread" made with our own zucchinis.

There is something so wonderful and satisfying about growing, harvesting and eating food that you have grown yourself. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


p.s. Don't grow any of your own food yet? Why not start by planting a herb, like thyme or parsley or oregano, in a little pot for your windowsill or balcony or verandah. Nurture it and in no time at all you'll be picking some leaves to add to a meal of your own.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Here & Now 8

The Summer is in full swing now. Here it is hot, scorchingly so some days, and thus my thoughts turn continually to cool escapes and daydreams. I spend my early mornings in the garden listening to the bees as they work among the flowers we are both visiting. Before the hot sun chases me back inside, I love to turn the spray of the hose skywards, tilt my face just so too, and close my eyes as the droplets fall in a refreshing shower upon my face and a patter upon the ground. Like rain!

A gorgeous hibiscus flower tucked in amongst glossy green leaves.

Colourful  zinnias brighten our garden.

A glorious and golden Grevillia.

Loving //  The bright colours of  beautiful zinnias and other Summer blooms.
Eating //  Simple, homemade meals to eat with salads on warm evenings.
Drinking //  Sparkling spring water, chilled in the fridge, with ice cubes in my glass.
Feeling //  Contented at home.
Making //  A new, midnight blue dress in fabric covered with tiny flora. 
Thinking //  That these school holidays are almost gone and I'm not ready yet to give them up!
Dreaming //  Of deep oceans, shady glades, balmy breezes and drenching rain.

Whatever the season where you live, I hope there are simple joys, like flowers, that brighten your Here & Now days.