About Me

Welcome! I'm Meg. You'll find me here in this space or perhaps outside somewhere soaking up the beauty and peace of nature in my garden or greater surrounds. 

When I'm not outside, you might find me at the kitchen bench in the home I share with my family:  my sporty gorgeous husband, our beautiful boy and our sloppily regal Labrador, "Sir Steve". If I'm not baking there, I could be out on the back deck looking out towards the horizon to the island I love with all my heart.

The magnificent "Sir Steve", our sweet and gentle Labrador.

Until a little while ago, I was a teacher. Now, I am the one learning new things to support the simpler life I want to live.  I'm making tentative forays into knitting, sewing and making soap as well as growing some of our own food in our veggie patch.

This blog offers you a glimpse into my life here in our little part of the world. I am writing it as a way to sharpen my focus on the things which bring me joy and fill me with hope.

I hope, when you visit, that you'll find things here that inspire you too.

Thanks for visiting!

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