Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sewing in a New Year

The end of 2015 is nigh and soon the clocks will signal the beginnings of another calendar year.  Are your thoughts turning to New Year resolutions? Do you harbour hazy or sharply-in-focus plans? Or are you just gladdened by the promise of another day in your one and only life? 

On the cusp of 2016, all I wish for is the gentle rhythm of the simple life I'm crafting here with my family. May we be lucky enough to share many more days together. Relaxed days that unfold on spontaneous whims. Outside days tinted with the colours of nature. Happy days where our laughter rings out and bounces off our walls. Peaceful days that end with the sweet closeness of bedtime stories.

Part of my journey towards a simpler kind of life has been the rediscovery of lost craft skills and the learning of new ones. With that in mind, I aim to make any new clothes I want this coming year excluding underwear and socks (I do have to be practical about my sewing abilities or lack thereof!). So my newly-serviced sewing machine, gifted to me when I turned 18, has been dragged out of retirement after more than twenty years.  Just as I did with my knitting this year, I will start with something easy and simple so that I can practise my beginner skills and experience success. Success often spurs me on to try more difficult aspects of whatever skill I'm working on.

The fabric and pattern for my new top. 

I think my sewing goal will add another aspect to my self-reliance, leave more money in my pocket and save a little bit of the Earth's resources as I'll be buying less stuff.

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