Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Wisdom of Wombats

Two springs ago, we holidayed in Tasmania.  This small isle, off the southern coast of mainland Australia, is so very beautiful. While many of its unique and wild places took my breath away, it was Cradle Mountain which really settled into my heart. 

The snowy slopes of Cradle Mountain rise up beyond Dove Lake.

I was particularly taken with the plump and furry wombats that live in the surrounding national park. These endearing animals captivated me. As I watched, quiet and still, I contemplated their peaceful way. Wombats don't seem to do anything in a hurry; seemingly fully intent on the one thing they are doing in the present moment (whether that be trundling about among the button grass or munching away on grasses and roots). Wombats are the epitome of slow. Wise creatures indeed!

One of Cradle Mountain's plump wombats blending in with its surroundings.

Slow is going to be my word for 2016. I know that there is much here in my own home and garden to remind me (And I do need reminding as I tend towards frantic multi-tasking) to go calmly and mindfully forward as the new year's days unfold. 

Have you chosen a word to take forward with you into 2016? Where did the inspiration for your word come from?


p.s. Sorry my one and only wombat photo is a bit fuzzy. (I was too busy watching them to photograph them!)

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