Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Multiple Makings

The long weekend just past afforded me time, wonderful unhurried time, to work on some small craft projects that have been waiting...and waiting...for me to pick them up and finish them off! 

Topping my list of crafty goodness was a new top. As part of my plan to make any new clothes I want this year, I decided back in January to sew this top. Now, it is the end of March and it's finally finished. It's the first garment I've sewn for myself in a very long while and, although I experienced much frustration (especially with the sleeves) I am a very happy almost-beginner. I really love the lightweight cotton fabric and the little triangles of colour sprinkled across it like geometric gems. Given how warm it's been, I expect I'll be able to wear it well into Autumn before I need to throw a cardigan on over the top of it.

 My new top:  a Grainline Studio Scout Tee.

On my knitting needles, I cast off one washcloth and began another. I'm using the same cotton but different patterns with the second one being knitted on the diagonal. I love the flecks of blue, yellow and green in the otherwise crisp, white cotton. These are for replenishing my stash of little gifts that I like to have on hand throughout the year. Having such a stash saves money especially because it minimises last minute gift buying.

Two washcloths. One finished and another on the needles.

Another repurposed flour bag was a quick sew. I have never grown hollyhocks but from this embroidery I can see what a majestic flowering spike they have. The flowery backing fabric is from an old vintage top that I picked up at an op-shop for next to nothing. Too small for me to wear but I couldn't go past its sprays of cottagy flowers. This will go into my gift stash too and I can imagine putting a washcloth and some lovely scented soap inside for a birthday recipient. No wrapping paper required!

A sweet gift bag.

The ends of a simple seed stitch scarf were finally sewn in too so it is ready now for a friend's birthday when that rolls around. The beautiful and subtle blue, called Mercy, is from the now discontinued Ecoyarns organic cotton Virtues range. I think its light weight and colour are perfect for the mild Winters we experience here in my sub-tropical part of the world.

Simple seed stitch scarf and our last Summer sunflower bloom.

After so much making, one would think I would feel somewhat tired. But, I feel quite energised at having completed a few projects and grateful for the time and space I had to spend knitting and sewing. So much so that I've decided on my next project...a skirt!

Pattern and fabric for my next sewing project.

I hope you had time for projects of your own over the long weekend.


p.s. The pattern for the the completed washcloth is from here and the pattern for the washcloth knitted on the diagonal is here.


  1. Hello Meg, I replied to your sweetpea comment on Rhonda's blog, and then had to laugh at your following comment about your gardener's feet....yes, me too:)....that made me want to see what else you get up to. You had a very productive long weekend, and I love the fabrics you have for your skirt and wondered where you buy you buy them?

    1. Hi, Nanette. The fabrics I'm using for my skirt are from my stash. I remember ordering the lighter blue fabric with the white birds online a long while ago (I will see if I can find my receipt) and the other darker blue fabric I bought at a market. The fabric with birds on it is an organic fabric.

      I am terrible Nanette at remembering to wear my gumboots. Earlier in the Summer, I actually stood on a shy whip snake down near my little water tank and still I don't remember to wear them! I much prefer the grass under my feet:)

      Thanks for visiting. I'm going to pop over to your blog shortly and have a peek too!

    2. Hi again, Nanette. You could try The Drapery website http://www.thedrapery.com.au/ as they have a range of organic cottons. I couldn't see my bird fabric in the current range though there are some other lovely fabrics:)

  2. It's lovely to look back on your creations isn't it. Mine are really similar to yours I too have been making a top for myself, although mine is not finished, I have knitted a washcloth and have another on the needles and I have been making drawstring bags! It was lovely to have a long weekend wasn't it I got lots done, now I need a rest!

    1. Long weekends are lovely! We stayed close to home, just enjoying being here in our house and garden and taking our dog for a walk around our neighbourhood. I would love to see your creations! I get lots of good ideas from what others are making:)

  3. Dear Megs
    Loving your inspired way of life. You are so creative and I am looking forward to following you ever growing list of amazing creations. ☺

    1. Thankyou for your very kind words :)