Friday, 27 May 2016

Bees Happy

My teeny tiny native bees bring us so much joy. It is such a calming thing to sit on the grass and watch them go about their work. I love to go down in the early morning, when the sun lights up the entrances to their hives, and watch as the first bees take flight into the morning.

Our hives face north-east so they "catch" rays of warm, early morning sunshine.
(Those warming rays are a signal for the bees to start work.)

A hive of activity!  
(The busy entrance to one of our hives.)

Busy little native bees don't fly as far as honeybees to collect their pollen. Our native bees don't have to fly very far at all! They are very happy among some choice blossoms in our garden only a very short flight from the little entrances to their hives. 

Here are three of their favourites:

The tiny blossoms of Alyssium are just right for a tiny native bee.

The tall flowering spikes of Basil planted just outside their hives.

The beautiful star-shaped blue flowers of Borage are a favourite too.

These plants are growing just a few steps away from where our little native bees live. The Alyssium forms part of the border planting for my veggie patch, borage is growing at the back of my veggie patch and the basil is planted just outside their "front doors". Native bee heaven!

Growing these plants is an open invitation to these beautiful, tiny bees to spend time in our garden. In doing so, they help to pollinate our veggies but also provide a source of endless fascination. Something soothing and calming happens to one's spirit when watching these special little creatures.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Wow look at that basil! That's amazing I bet it smells wonderful :). I would love to keep bees we are getting closer to making a space for them!

    1. It's lovely that you are planning for bees. They are simply a delight to have in one's garden. I know you'll love them! And that basil does smell amazing. It's seems it's in just the right spot. Meg:)

  2. Bees!!! I love bees. I had hoped to get honey bees on our homestead this spring, but with all my life changes this past fall it was one of the things I had to let go of. Hopefully next year...

    Your basil is amazing, and borage, one of my favourite little flowers.

    1. I think honeybees would be right at home at your homestead, Kim. Until you have hives of your own, you can enjoy the bees that visit your garden. We love seeing honeybees here as much as watching our little native bees.

  3. Truly wonderful little creatures - so busy, so productive, so gentle.

    1. Yes, they are truly fascinating little creatures. I could watch our native bees for hours! I think too that it's not until a hive is split that the full extent of their work is revealed. The amazing spiral they build and the little cups they fill with their "sugarbag" honey takes an extraordinary amount of work. Truly amazing! Thanks for stopping by! Meg