Friday 13 May 2016

Here & Now 1

There are so many ordinary moments that make up one's life. Each day in my life feels full...sometimes overflowing...but I have much that I feel good about and much that I find hope in as I move through my days.  

Blue beginnings ... 

Sarah, over at her beautiful blog, Say Little Hen, has a Here & Now link-up happening and I thought I would join in. It seems such a lovely way to become more mindful of what may be ordinary, small things but that, in their own way, may also be big or important or simply special and close to my heart.

The best of friends out for a walk ... and a scoot!

Loving //  Early morning or late afternoon walks with my boy and our beloved Sir Steve dog.
Eating //  Fresh, speckled lettuce leaves from my garden. Yum!
Drinking // Water! (And pepperminty hot chocolates with my boy, occasionally!)
Feeling // Somewhat tired but less tired than I have been lately. Hooray!
Making //  A new washcloth in a beautiful, french blue organic cotton is on my needles. 
Thinking //  How special it is to see my boy and his Dad tinkering at the piano together.
Dreaming //  Of a much-anticipated trip home, to the far north of Australia, to see my family.

                         A red Grevillia bloom ...  a reminder of nature's beauty.

What are you doing in your here and now?



  1. I posted something really similar yesterday!

    1. I shall pop over and have a read as I love your blog!

  2. Hi Meg,

    So nice to meet you via "Here&Now". I love this time of year for dog walking/running, in between the warm summers (cooler that Australia, but still hot for paws) and dreary cold wet winters we have here in NZ. Sir Steve seems to be enjoying himself too.

    All of you wonderful knitters are making me envious - I never really learned (too impatient as a child, and my mother didn't knit to learn from). Perhaps something to try this winter if I am feeling brave. Patience still isn't my strong suit. :)

    Green in Real Life / Creativity Unmasked

    1. Hi, Laura! Teh weather has been lovely for walking later though I am very envious of your cooler Summers in NZ. Our Summer just past was soooo hot! Sir Steve is very partial to a walk and the longer the wander the better! I can only knit simple things but I am learning little by little. I am still busy trying to figure out how to knit up a scarf I've started so many times over. I hope you'll be brave and try some knitting soon. Thanks for visiting! Meg:)

  3. Hi Meg,
    Thank-you so much for joining in! I found your post so peaceful and happy.
    I've added your link :-)

    Sarah x

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Lovely to join in with you.

  4. Such a wonderful practice in mindfulness, and a beautiful list. Right now I am enjoying a cup of tea, catching up on blogs, and email, and shortly will head to my mat for my morning yoga and mediation.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks, Kim. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Meg:)