Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Vibrant Little Violas

Vibrant violas greet us whenever we venture out to the garden. Like their cousins, the larger blooming pansies, their bright colours and little cheery "faces" are simply a delight. This season, I have many little violas opening up with deep purple petals alongside contrasting petals of crisp white and deep yellow. I adore them!

Violas may be small but they are beautiful! I often bend down to gaze at their blooms. I am hoping too to press some of their dainty flowers this year to preserve them for making gift tags like the ones here.

 I hope they have brightened up your day!


p.s. Do you press flowers from your garden?


  1. So beautiful! No flowers here yet, but soon, and I can't wait. Yes, I have pressed flowers, my little man and I do it every year, so much fun! Enjoy.

    1. It is wonderful when the first flowers of a season bloom, isn't it!