Friday, 12 August 2016

Chicken and Leek Pie

Piping hot! Flaky and creamy! Irresistible and nourishing! Warming and comforting! All these words describe a Winter pie; a pie that fills a home with that enticing "just-baked" aroma and one's heart (and stomach) with a warm contentment on a cold night. 


Made with leeks, broccoli and thyme from my garden and the leftovers of an earlier roasted chicken, this pie was everything a Winter pie is meant to be. 

 Golden pastry and a creamy filling. YUM!

Chicken and Leek Pie

knob of butter
2 leeks, washed and sliced
2 sticks celery, washed and chopped
2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
2 teaspoons of fresh thyme leaves
3 medium carrots, peeled and chopped
1 cup of small broccoli florets 
1/2 cup frozen peas
2 handfuls of diced leftover roasted chicken
3 ready-made puff pastry sheets

2 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons plain flour
1/2 cup milk
1 cup cream
1-2 teaspoons mustard
salt and pepper

1.  Preheat oven to temperature recommended on your pack of puff pastry. (Mine was 220C.)
2.  Defrost 3 sheets pastry while you make the filling and the creamy mustard sauce.
3.   Gently cook garlic, leeks and celery in melted butter in a large saucepan over a low heat, with lid on, until soft. Stir regularly.
4.   Add in carrots, broccoli, frozen peas and thyme, replace lid, and continue to cook until carrots and broccoli have softened. Stir regularly.  5.   Melt butter for creamy mustard sauce in medium saucepan. Stir in flour to make a smooth paste and cook for couple of minutes.(This is important so your sauce doesn't taste floury.)
6.   Add in milk and whisk. As the mixture starts to bubble and thicken, gently mix in cream and mustard. Stir or whisk until thickened and smooth. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
7.   Stir creamy mustard sauce and chopped chicken into softened veg to complete the filling.  Remove from heat.
8.   Quickly line the base of a medium-sized pie pan with pastry. 
9.   Spread the filling evenly over the pastry base.                                                                      
10Lay more pastry over the top of the filling to form "lid" of the pie.  Fold and press to join pastry lid with pastry base. Cut a few slits in lid of your pie with a sharp knife.

11.  Bake until pastry is puffed and golden and pie is piping hot. (It is very important that your pie is very hot to ensure leftover cooked chicken has been reheated safely.)
12.  Enjoy with fresh green beans.    

* This recipe is not suitable for reheating.* 

Do you have a favourite Winter pie?




  1. I only made Chicken and Leek pies last Friday!
    Mine were individual pies with a shortcrust base and a puff pastry top, both shop bought pastry. They were very nice, but I think yours looks better with all those delicious veggies in it.
    I might put that on next weeks menu plan.
    Do you need to wait for the filling to cool before putting in the pastry lined dish?

    1. The broccoli did work really well in this pie but you could use other veg instead like sweetcorn kernels or mushrooms. I make my own shortcrust pastry but I don't typically make my own puff pastry. I once tried to make a "Rough Puff" but it was a disaster! I use "Butter Puff" ready-made pastry that I buy at one of the supermarkets. I didn't cool the filling, I just took it off the heat while I quickly lined my pie pan with defrosted pastry. Worked out fine! Tasted good! I hope you enjoy it. Meg:)

  2. Oh Meg - do save me a piece. I can smell it in my mind. That flaky pastry......

    1. I'm afraid it's all gone! It doesn't take long to make though so you could whip one up and then enjoy tucking into a piece (or two) yourself. Meg:)

  3. Hi there Meg,

    I am glad I dropped in on your blog last night. Scrolling down I came across this recipe and had leftover chicken to use up so I made this for tea tonight. It was very well received by my family, they all enjoyed it.

    I am going to have a better look around your blog and will drop back often.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


    1. Hi, Tania. I'm glad you're family loved the pie. I think a pie is always a scrumptious way to use up leftovers. It's always lovely to know when someone feels they have gotten something worthwhile out of reading my blog...I enjoy writing it very much. Thanks for your lovely and encouraging comment. I hope you find lots more to enjoy when you drop back in. Meg:)

  4. I'm just writing to say I made this pie tonight, and it is to die for!
    Seriously the best Chicken and Leek pies I have ever had!
    Full of veggies, and the kids ate every last bit of it.
    I made individual pies, and even made a homemade shortcrust pastry for the base, the puff pastry on top was shop bought.
    This recipie is going on my permanent high rotation Winter menu!
    Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Fantastic! Glad this pie was well-received at your place. Nothing like a good pie in Winter!