Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Look who we discovered peeking out from underneath our hardwood steps...

"Bluey" (What else do you call a Blue Tongue Lizard?)

... a shiny and scaly Blue Tongue Lizard, promptly christened "Bluey"  by our rather excited boy. Each afternoon now, after school, our son jumps out of the car to go and peer in this garden bed hoping for a sighting. Should Bluey be about, much haste is made to find his camera and capture an image of this new garden resident.

 He looks rather well nourished, doesn't he!

Bluey seems to have made himself at home in our garden. We think that's wonderful because our suburban yard is proving to be a suitable habitat for native wildlife. It's wonderful too because it allows our child the chance to discover, observe and learn about  native animals like Bluey.

p.s. All photos taken by our beautiful boy. He's proving to be handy with a camera!

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