Friday, 27 November 2015

Sunflowers in the Morning

We were greeted the other morning by the first yellower-than-yellow bloom in a row of towering sunflowers. 

The full, happy bloom of our first sunflower .

My boy and I had "tucked" the seeds into our soil as the days started to warm and then watched the new plants emerge and grow, their stalks gradually inching their way skywards. Each day, my son measured himself against these sunflower rulers until he was no longer taller. He watched as their heavy buds formed and waited with great anticipation for the day when a bloom was fully open.  There was much excitement when that first open bloom greeted him and further joy every morning hence until every tall sunflower soldier in our row was blooming. 

Sunflowers turning their faces towards the horizon, tracking the sun.

Now, we watch our sunflowers and marvel at how each one turns its wide, open face to follow the sun. As they are growing so close to our back ramp, we have been able to reach over and touch their petals, peer closely at the perfect arrangement of the seeds in their centres and watch as tiny little native bees buzz happily collecting sunflower pollen. 

Gazing at sunflowers simply makes me happy. They are such bold and optimistic blooms that surely no-one could frown in their presence.


  1. How beautiful - the flowers themselves and the watching/waiting for them! Sunflowers are a favourite of mine. Xx

    1. Hi, Elisa. Do you plant sunflowers where you live? We plant them every year, my son and I, and the fascination never diminishes (for him or for me). They offer so much from the small seed planted in warm soil all the way through the cycle to the new seeds waiting in the centre of each spent flower. And in between, that amazing bloom that just sings of the sun! Meg