Monday, 21 November 2016

Yellow Clivia Lily

Almost hidden, growing in shade behind a thriving Magnolia Little Gem, in the further most corner of my garden, is this shy and beautiful lily. 

The beautiful yellow Clivia Lily.

This is the yellow flowering Clivia Lily. I love its strappy green leaves.  I love its clusters of soft yellow flowers. I love that it loves shade! Originally, I had planted two of these lilies. One became infested with lily borers and I had thought that I might lose this one to the same fate. But, look at this strappy green growth and these little pale buds that promise beautiful flowers.

 Pale and delicate buds form...

...and the softest yellow flowers open.

This pale yellow form is my favourite but there are orange-flowering ones too. Originating in South Africa, these lilies like our warm climate. They thrive in shade as too much sun can "burn" their leaves. Once established, Clivias are quite hardy and don't require a great deal of water, especially in the cooler months. 

I hope, over time, that a mass of these lovely lilies will gradually fill in the shade under and around the tree. After flowering, a healthy clump can be divided so more little and free lilies can be planted out. This is wonderful because to buy a yellow-flowering form can be expensive. 

It might take some time but I can imagine how pretty lots of these lovely lily flowers will be in the further most corner of my garden.



  1. That is beautiful.
    Do they like deep shade of can they cope with filtered shade?

    1. They like dappled shade, Cheryl. In full shade, they still seem to thrive but don't flower as much. Meg:)

    2. I might have to invest in a couple of those :)

  2. very pretty!
    i have the orange one here & it's clumping up nicely, it was late to flower this year, usually mid to late winter but it was so warm here i didn't think it would flower! spring came through chill & crisp & there she flowered, better late than never lol
    thanx for sharing

    1. The orange flowers are very pretty too, Selina. Lucky the weather cooled off so you got to enjoy some flowers. Meg:)