Tuesday, 1 January 2019

A Quiet Start

Last night, while the skies over Sydney's iconic harbour exploded with all the razzle dazzle of a massive fireworks display, the celebrations here were much more low key. A simple and happy dinner with friends, shared out on the verandah in the cool of the evening, and a sparkler to twirl, as it burned and fizzled in the midnight air, was the extent of our revelry. 

Last year's calendar was promptly taken down, a responsibility our punctual son takes rather seriously, and replaced by a new one for the new 2019. Each new month of this coming year will see us flip the page to a beautiful photo taken of our beloved Straddie. If this year goes as quickly as the last one felt like it did, then we'll be back there again soon!

Sand and sea and sky on Straddie.

The colours inside a shell.

The first of these new year days has passed rather quietly. There was the bustle of breakfast and packing up after the sleepover of our boy's friends, but all fell quiet once they headed off to the cricket. It's a quiet I've thoroughly enjoyed just doing ordinary things. I scattered some parsley seeds in the garden from the flower heads up the back, knitted a bit more of a washcloth, watched two episodes of a dvd I borrowed from the library (such indulgence) and decluttered a few more boxes of old teaching materials in our study. I ate leftovers for lunch and I'll have them again for dinner. My 'boys' won't be home 'til late from the cricket, as it's all the way down at the Gold Coast, so Sir Steve dog and I will be in bed early.  I'll be catching some zzzzs well before midnight tonight. 😴

Happy New Year to you!

Monday, 24 December 2018

Just In Time for Christmas

We are home just in time for Christmas. There's been rain while we've been away, the grass is long and green and the Poinciana trees in our little pocket of suburbia are covered in their showy red flowers. I think I will pick a spray of them for our Christmas table. So gorgeous and festive!

A Poinciana tree in glorious bloom decorates our neighbourhood.

As I write, a fluffy pavlova is baking slowly in our oven, dollops of meringue dotted around a circle to make a wreath shape. I made it the way Fiona, over at Stay Home Instead does. I can't wait to decorate it tomorrow with lashings of thick cream and slices of fresh fruits.  In many hours time, when I can take that pavlova out of the oven, I'll roast the chicken and the root vegetables for the salads that we'll share with our family for Christmas lunch tomorrow. It's simple, homemade food made with lots of love, baked with plenty of time and seasoned with much gratitude. There'll be leftovers too!

A cluster of Poinciana flowers.

I am looking forward to setting the table out on our verandah tomorrow, with a spray of those Poinciana flowers in the centre, and then sitting down to share the delicious meal we've made along with all the laughter, storytelling, memories and joy that comes with being together.

Wherever you are, and whether or not it is a day of celebration for you, I hope you can spend time tomorrow with the ones you love and that love you.

Merry Christmas to you.
Meg Xx

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Where I'll Be

It's a cloudy, overcast morning here so my view, out to the East's horizon, is obscured. A sliver of sea and our glimpse of today's destination, our beloved Straddie island, waits behind that cloudy cloak. By late afternoon, we'll be there.

Where I'll be is not that far away from home but it is a world away from city life, from work and school routines and from bustling Christmas crowds. We'll while away our time surrounded by Straddie's beauty and absorbed in her nature. The mainland will be far from my mind.

I'll catch up with you all again in a few weeks. Until then, I wish you many happy moments as your days unfold.