Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Simple & Sweet Chocolate Fudge

A sweet, homemade fudge makes a lovely gift. This one is so simple; just a few ingredients melted together form a creamy, chocolatey treat. No candy thermometer required!

A little box of homemade chocolate fudge...
with peppermint crisp shards on top!

There are just a few simple steps to making this creamy chocolate fudge. I followed the recipe, for 3 Minute Chocolate Fudge, from the Chocolate, Chocolate & More website. It really does only take a few minutes!

Here's how to make it:

Put 400g condensed milk (one tin) & 2 cups dark chocolate chips 
into a microwave safe bowl.

Melt on high in microwave for one minute. Stir gently to combine.
Heat for another 30 seconds if needed to melt all chocolate chips.

Add one teaspoon vanilla extract & stir until well combined.
Cut up or crush topping for your fudge.

Carefully pour fudge into lined slice tray.
Sprinkle topping on & gently press into surface of the fudge.

After an hour or so in the refrigerator, your simple and sweet chocolate fudge should be set and ready to cut into squares. Keep in an airtight container and try to resist sampling too many pieces before packaging up your homemade fudge. 😉

To make my fudge that little bit more special, I topped it with the minty shards of a peppermint crisp. For a festive fudge, you could top with a crushed candy cane or some chopped dried fruits or nuts. 

Packaged up beautifully it makes a sweet, homemade gift for birthdays or Christmas. 


Friday, 29 November 2019

From Curtains to Cushion Covers

Ages ago, in a little local op-shop, I found a pair of old cafe curtains made from a creamy cotton printed with many beautiful blooms of Australian native flowers. The fabric features detailed prints of Qualup Bells, Christmas Bells, Swamp Wattle, Bottle Brush, Blue Pincushions, Banksia, Waratah and many others beautiful blooms. Each flower's botanical name is printed underneath too. Gorgeous!

Op-shop cafe curtains.

I adore botanical sketches, stitching, paintings and prints and love our beautiful native flowers so, for just a few dollars, I brought these old curtains home with me and stashed them away until I had time to make something from them. 

Printed with gorgeous Australian native flowers.

I followed the steps of this online tutorial, which includes a YouTube clip, to re-purpose these old curtains into a pair of pretty cushion covers. They were very easy to sew and I'm very happy with how they have turned out. 

Cushion covers from old curtains.

Perfect for someone besotted with plants!


Friday, 22 November 2019

Lined Drawstring Bags

From fabrics leftover from earlier projects and some reclaimed ribbon, I sewed three little & lined drawstring bags. 

Little lined drawstring bags.

This is the YouTube tutorial, from Whitney Sews, that I followed to sew up these bags. While I used an A4 size sheet of paper as a template for these bags, you could make a larger or small version.  The only change I made was to thread one long piece of ribbon right around the casing at the top of each bag before tying the ends together to form a long loop for hanging the bag up.

One little drawstring bag sewn from a sweet fabric.

 A peek at the soft blue lining inside this bag.

These drawstring bags are the first handmade things I've crafted for gifting this Christmas.  I am going to fill them with scented bath products, like these soaps that I purchased a little while ago and these bath bombs which I am very keen to make this coming weekend from ingredients I already have on hand. Together with a soft organic cotton hand towel, that I bought at Aldi much earlier in the year, I think they will make sweet gifts. 

 A pretty and reusable bag. 

Drawstring bags like these are also a very pretty alternative to wrapping paper and can be re-used over and over again. Something to keep once all the sweetly-scented bath products have been enjoyed.

What are you in the midst of making at the moment?