Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Homemade Quinoa Muffins

I was looking for something delicious and different for my husband's packed lunches during the week. I found a simple, nutritious recipe for quinoa muffins in Eleanor Ozich's recipe book, My Petite Kitchen. In her original recipe, she adds sun-dried tomato to these muffins but I added sweet roasted pumpkin and finely snipped chives from our garden instead. Yum!

 A one-bowl mixture.

I mixed together some leftover quinoa, eggs, grated cheese, chunks of roast pumpkin, chives and a twist of sea salt. I then placed spoonfuls into a muffin tray and baked them until the egg set. Quiche-like and so easy!

Mmm! The freshly baked muffins.

My husband always takes a packed lunch to work instead of buying it. This saves a small fortune if you think about how much it costs to buy lunch five days a week! It does mean a bit more time in the kitchen in the mornings packing it up with a fresh salad but I know it's healthy, that it tastes great and that it saves us money. Do you take your own lunch to work too?

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