Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Marbled Paper Presents

My beautiful boy has been busy making holiday presents for his classmates. He decided to make his special gifts from the pretty marbled papers he loves creating. 

After gathering up his Daddy's shaving cream and my food dyes, he set up outside so he could make as much mess, and have as much fun, as possible. Following the easy marbling steps we first read about here, he made many colourful, swirly papers.

Shaving cream and food dye on a tray to contain the mess.

The most exciting part of the whole process is when the paper is lifted after being pressed onto the surface of the blended shaving cream and dye. When the shaving cream coating the paper is scraped off (we used an old ruler), the beautiful print on the paper is revealed. 

The swirly, wet papers drying on the deck. 

These beautiful papers, that were created using things we already had here at home, can be made into many lovely gifts but my boy chose to turn the paper into bookmarks. So, we cut them out, laminated them and added a tail of plaited wool or ribbon using scraps from my stash. Each one is different and special and waiting to be tucked into a much-loved book.

Beautiful Gifts

And what happened to the rest of his Daddy's shaving cream you might ask? Shaving cream creatures were sculpted and shaving cream fights were had, of course!

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