Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Knitting Washcloths

This year, I have had time to take up knitting again after many years where I barely crafted anything in what was a too busy life. Although I learnt to knit as a young girl, my clumsy first stitches guided by my ever-patient and encouraging Grandmother, I had forgotten all but the basics. So, I began to knit some easy beginners' projects; to get the feel of the needles in my hands again and to remember. 

One of my favourite projects are washcloths. We use them in our home and I give them to dear friends as gifts, packaged up with creamy soap. The pattern for the first washcloth I knitted was from Rhonda Hetzel's inspiring book, Down to Earth. I then found a vast array of patterns on the internet and branched out from there; teaching myself more and gaining confidence again as I knitted different washcloths. 

As Christmas approached, I started knitting a set of these washcloths for one of my closest friends. A while ago, I was able to purchase some creamy, oatmeal-coloured organic cotton, on special at my local yarn shop.  It's natural, soft and perfect for this pattern. I had some left-over french-blue cotton too for the stripes. I like the contrast of this blue very much!

The washcloth taking shape on my needles.

This re-learning of my lost skill has been worth it in so many ways. I love the feel of the fibre in my fingers and the rhythmic "click" of my needles.  I love the way this craft connects me to my Grandmother through my memories; and to my Mother too who crafts beautiful, complicated cardigans and to whom I turn now for help when I get stuck with a pattern. And, I love that I can give my friends something I have crafted with my own hands. 


Have you rediscovered a lost craft skill too?


  1. What a lovely washcloth. Love the blue stripe! I have always wanted to make a washcloth but all I have managed to do was a plain scarf for my son and then gave up. I am going to give it a go! Thank you, Frugal from Bristol, UK

    1. Thanks! I have knitted a scarf too but washcloths are a lot quicker:) I am working on a more complicated scarf at the moment and I have had to undo it so many times because I keep dropping stitches! Good luck with your washcloth. I found it a very easy pattern to follow and a quick knit. I wonder what colour stripe you will choose?

  2. I made that same pattern when I started knitting. I love it. Your colors are perfect. That washcloth remind me of blue and white china. Knitting is such wonderful therapy...