Sunday, 13 December 2015

Native Blooms 1

There are many beautiful flowering plants that are native to North Stradbroke Island. This year, I wanted to be able to name some of them as I pointed them out to my boy. From the local library at Point Lookout, I borrowed a guide called Good Straddie Plants, published by the Point Lookout Bushcare Group. In it, I discovered the names of many of the flowering plants we admire on our walks here. 

The  fading feathery blooms of the Brush Box.

The hot pink bloom of the succulent Pigface creeper the grows in the dunes.

The tiny, delicate 'bells' of the Blueberry Ash. My favourite!

Being able to identify the different species of plants that grow where we walk has added another layer of familiarity to the island for our son. Now, he can name his favourite flora and we can look up unfamiliar specimens when we come across them. This sparks conversations about the features of these plants and their place as native species in the environment.

Do you have a local guide of the flora native to where you live? Have you planted any of these species in your home garden?

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