Thursday, 24 December 2015

Printed Christmas Wrapping Paper

Printing wrapping paper is a fun and easy project to do that involves children in meaningful Christmas preparations. We always begin with recycled brown paper as this is inexpensive, readily available and more eco-friendly. 

The possibilities for printing onto this paper are endless. Over the years, we've used Christmas stamps, stencils, leaves and our hands to print the paper with.  This Christmas, we decided to use cookie cutters to print red, white and silver stars and trees all over our brown paper.  

Roll out your brown paper. 
Spread thin layers of paint on old trays or lids. 
Choose your cutters.

 Dip the cookie cutter into the paint.
Press onto the brown paper to make a print. 
Repeat prints all over the brown paper.

 Wrap your gifts when the paper is dry. 
Tie it together with matching string or ribbon.

Simple and special paper for wrapping up a child's carefully chosen or handmade gifts for the people they love and care for.

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