Thursday, 17 December 2015

Weaving on a Tiny Circular Loom 1

Surrounded and inspired by the myriad shades of green here on Straddie, and by a desire to do something with an errant piece of fishing line that I picked up on a morning beach walk, I took out my tiny circular loom, collected some threads and began to weave.

Creamy cotton and green threads woven into the loom. 

Around and around with creamy white cotton followed by a thin circle of a natural green, followed by creamy white again until it was time to weave in the fishing line.

Yellowy-green fishing line ready to be woven in.

 Fishing line doesn't belong on beaches or in the sea where it can tangle around seabirds' legs or get caught around a sea turtle's flippers, sadly causing terrible harm. I wasn't sure it belonged in this weaving either, but weave it in I did. 

A ring of fishing line before a final rim of white.

I have used my little circular loom, purchased from Twill Textile Design, many times now. The kit comes with very clear instructions, each illustrated with a clear photo, so it's easy to begin and easy to complete. I find the weaving quite meditative; calming and rhythmic as I move the sewing needle under and over the taut warp threads. There is a certain delight too, when all the threads are woven in and it's time to take the weaving off the loom.

Perhaps a tiny nest? 

Now, all that remains is to decide what to do with this sweet little circle of woven threads and one short length of fishing line that is no longer floating in the sea. 


  1. Well done recycling the fishing line from a hazard to something so beautiful!

    1. It was not so easy to weave in as it was so twisty and tangled but I think it turned out just fine:)

  2. Love your circular loom, I am just discovering pin loom weaving may try and have a go at circular.

    1. Thanks! I haven't tried pin loom weaving yet but I would like to. Is it very difficult? I also want to work with larger circular looms to see what I can create. Happy weaving!