Friday, 29 January 2016

A Beach Walk 1

I love long beach walks. Traipsing along the edge of the ocean, my own footprints trailing along behind me and the sand stretching out before me. The warm sun that gets higher in the blue sky the longer I walk and the warm waves that promise a refreshing swim once the walking is done.

I walk this stretch of beach regularly. There is a certain rhythm to my walking that seems to fit in with the waves that roll into shore and that wash back out again. I think too, being outside, in the midst of such beauty, slows one's thoughts and pace to be more in keeping with that of nature. One could not hurry in this place!

The beauty of sand, sea and sky on my beach walk.

As I wander along, there are always little pieces of the natural world that make me stop, crouch down and look or scoop up and hold into the light. Each one a tiny treasure. If you had been my companion today, walking alongside me on the sand, sea foam tickling your toes, we would have come across these small things together: 

A curving spiral.

 A leaf and a teardrop.

 A new grass on the dunes.

Two perfect halves of the one butterfly.

A wet, white feather.

 A tiny shell dwarfed by another.

A piece of a rainbow.

Small wonders like these always leave me feeling glad that I look down as I walk! I hope, this weekend, that you will have some time of your own to surround yourself with nature. I wonder what treasures you'll find.


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