Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A Morning Tea Treat

After an early morning spreading lots of mulch in the garden, I decided that I had earned a homemade morning tea treat. I would, however, have to bake it myself. Considering I was hot and tired from mulching, I dived into the freezer (nice and cool after the heat of the garden) and retrieved a ball of wheaty biscuit dough for making these delicious biscuits.


While I used Michelle Crawford's recipe for Chocolate Wheaty Biscuits from her beautiful book, A Table in the Orchard, you could use any similar recipe, like this one, for a digestive biscuit. I love Michelle's recipe because she uses wholemeal spelt flour and I can substitute coconut sugar for the muscovado sugar too.

I made these biscuits for the first time only a few weeks ago. When I did, I made a double batch of the dough and froze half of it. It's easy then, in times of hurry or tiredness, to take the ready-made dough out of the freezer to soften before coming back to roll it out, cut it into thin rounds and bake it. 

 Thinly rolled out dough ready to be cut.

Individual rounds cut with a biscuit or scone cutter.

Ready to go into the oven. (They smell delicious while they are cooking!)

Light and golden biscuits cooling on a wire rack. 

A thin layer of melted, dark chocolate on the base of each biscuit adds the final touch.

These biscuits are lovely spread with melted chocolate but if you have an impatient child like mine, who simply can't wait for the chocolate to melt and set before sampling a few, they are just as lovely plain and served with a cold glass of creamy milk. 



  1. I LOVED the book A Table In The Orchard! I borrowed it some time back from the local library, and devoured every word and recipe, I've made her choc wheatens, aren't they to die for!

    1. Oh, her biscuits are divine...just like her book!