Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Simple Softie 1

In line with my desire to do a lot more sewing, I chose an endearing little softie as my maiden project in this new year. I deliberately chose something very simple (on which to begin honing my almost non-existent sewing skills) and set myself up with a basic free pattern and an easy-to-follow online tutorial available here on the Birch Organic Fabrics blog.

Together with some scraps of gorgeous fabric from my stash, a freshly serviced sewing machine and a pair of new, sharp scissors (which absolutely must stay in my craft cupboard so as not to be blunted with paper and sticky tape!!!) I had everything I needed to begin.

Carefully cut out pieces for a sweet little softie. 

One side! One ear!

Two sides! Two ears!

Tiny eyes and a little flowery tail too.

All pinned up and ready to sew together. 

After an hour or so of careful cutting and sewing, my little softie is taking shape. Tomorrow, I'll carefully sew almost all the way around the edge (no doubt there will be some unpicking of wayward stitches) and then turn her inside out ready for some soft, fluffy stuffing and a final flurry of hand stitching. 

I hope you'll come back to meet Helga, the elephant. I'm looking forward to introducing you!



  1. That does look like a great little project, and such lovely fabric.

    1. Hi, Cheryl. The grey flowery fabric is one I got from Spotlight when it was on sale quite a while ago. I was originally going to use if for a top but it's perfect for Helga I think.