Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Pear and Blueberry Breakfast Muesli Muffins

In the quiet of the morning, and after a good soaking the night before, I mixed together the healthy and nourishing ingredients for these delicious breakfast muffins. A wonderful wheat-free alternative to toast!

Fresh and warm from the oven. Mmm...

Following Jude Blereau's recipe, from one my favourite cookbooks, Coming Home to Eat: Wholefood for the Family, I began, just before bedtime last night, by combining fruit-free muesli, wholemeal spelt flour, greek yoghurt and filtered water in a big glass bowl and leaving it the fridge to soak overnight. This morning it was nice and thick and ready for further additions of baking powder, egg, honey, melted butter and fruit.

Whisked egg & honey ready to be mixed into the soaked muesli mix. 

Our own blueberries, frozen and plump, are the perfect addition to these muffins. As they cook, the berries become jam-like and oozy. Their flavour teams beautifully too with diced pear, fresh or tinned. While blueberries and pear are a delicious combination, these muffins lend themselves to all kinds of fresh fruit additions. Think of an apple and cinnamon combo. Mmm...

Lovely fruits to be mixed in and a crumbly coconut topping...for the top!

After I gently folded the fruits in,  I filled my muffin tray with generous scoops of the fruity muffin mixture. Almost to the top! Then, just before placing them in the oven, I sprinkled them with a crumbly topping of desiccated coconut, coconut sugar and cinnamon. 

A sprinkling of crumbly coconut topping before baking adds the final touch on top.

As they baked, these muffins filled our kitchen with wafts of cinnamon-scented goodness that only served to intensify the rumbling of my tummy for breakfast. I couldn't wait to have one (or two or even three) with a glass of fresh, cold milk. And, half an hour later, they emerged from a warm oven, ready to be devoured.

Some for now and some to be frozen for quick breakfasts on future mornings.

Jude Blereau is passionate about her muffins!  If you would like to read more about her muffin ways, this link will take you there. If you scroll down, you'll find her recipe for classic muffins. They are just as delicious and nourishing as these breakfast versions. 

If you have your heart set on having muesli muffins, then Teresa Cutter has a recipe where you only have to soak some rolled oats for 10 minutes. 

Whatever you have for breakfast tomorrow, I hope it's nourishing and delicious!



  1. Meg, I am imagining the smell of all those cinnamon-scented muffins and my mouth is watering. They look absolutely delicious.

    1. They were delicious, Linda. As a consequence, they all quickly disappeared! I have the ingredients for another batch though so hoping to make them in secret (how I'll keep from gobbling them up myself I don't know) so that lots of them make it to the freezer for school morning breakfasts.