Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Sensational Salvias

Salvias are a great flowering plant for a cottagey garden like mine. Their long flowering spikes come in a range of gorgeous colours. When touched by a breeze, they sway this way and that in the wind. As you brush past the foliage, that comes in myriad shades of green, strong perfumes are released that fill the air. If you grow the edible variety, the herb we know as sage, then you can eat them too! 

candy-floss pink 

deep pink


Salvias are hardy once established, are long flowering, respond well to pruning and bees love them. Perfect for my garden and maybe yours too! 


p.s. If you'd like to plant salvias in your garden, and you live in Australia, this link has got lots of helpful information. 


  1. Beautiful photos. I love my salvias also. They fill in spaces beautifully.

    1. Thanks! I seem to be adding salvias to any little space I can find in the garden because they are so colourful and beautiful:) Last week, on the discount table at the local nursery, I got two leggy white salvias (a variety called "Snowflake")I've planted them in the garden, cut them right back and they are sending out new growth already. I think the white will look lovely with pinks and purples.