Friday, 1 January 2016

Yellow Roses

Our yellow rose showing off its deep and vibrant colour.

This is one of the two rose bushes growing in our garden where they thrive in a sunny position.  They love a deep watering every now and again and a drink of seaweed emulsion gives them a boost. I mulch them regularly with lucerne, making sure that the mulch isn't right up against their trunks. I have been burying the odd banana skin near them too because I read somewhere that they benefit from that. It isn't doing them any harm anyway! After flowering, I prune them back quite hard. I take off about a third of their height and open up their centres to ensure good air flow to help protect against black spot fungal disease. Our two roses seem very hardy and very forgiving of a gardener who learns as she goes along!

Yellow roses symbolise friendship and joy. They also happen to be of my boy's favourite colour. So this rose bush, with blooms of bright yellow, reflect his love of this warm and happy hue. What is your favourite colour rose? Do you have a rose of that colour growing in your garden?

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