Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A Calico Flour Bag Tote

Look what I found hanging up on one of the stalls at the markets yesterday. 

Calico Flour Bag tote from My Heart Beats Green stall.

A repurposed calico flour bag! Last week, I wrote about how I turned a 2kg calico flour bag into a pretty drawstring gift bag. This little tote is made by attaching a simple handle to a 5kg flour bag. The handles are made from another one of the bags that has been cut into strips.  Easy and effective!

The flour bags are made by the folk at My Heart Beats Green who make organic cotton garments here in Australia. They source the used flour bags from Geoff, who sells the flours and grains that come in these bags, at his own stall just a few metres away from where these bags hang for sale. 

This is a great idea that reduces waste and encourages repeated use of the calico bags. A little win for our Earth!

I wonder what else can be done with a calico flour bag? 



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    1. Hi, Kim. It is such a simple idea and it would be so easy to make one. I have a couple of old 5kg flour bags here and would like to sew one up once I finish my current sewing project. Thanks for visiting!