Friday, 19 February 2016

Be Still and Notice

When my beautiful boy was very small, I found him one night at bedtime staring out his window at the dark night sky above. He was crying. Gently, I asked why and he replied, "So beautiful, Mummy." And he pointed at the distant, mysterious moon he had been gazing at. 

The beauty of that silvery orb had deeply touched my little boy and his awe and happiness were expressed in his tears. His reaction to what he saw carried with it a simple message for me. Be still and notice. 

Moon rise over the water on Straddie
(Image taken by my young son.)

I'm not sure I would have noticed the moon that night had he not pointed it out to me and if we had not then gazed upon it quietly together. How often do we still ourselves to notice the natural world around us in a way that touches us deeply?  How often are we overcome with wonder in the way that a child can be?

I carry this memory of my boy, and his precious words, in my heart. We still gaze upon the moon here, or from wherever we are, and it is indeed so very beautiful. 

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you'll have time to look upon the moon tonight and to marvel at the wonder that it is.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. I have a moon gazer too, my youngest...I think he gets it from me, because I still wonder at the natural beauty around me...(just not as frequently as I would like)...sometimes I think having some "awe" is the only thing that keeps me sane in this crazy world!

    1. I agree, Cheryl. I think that little bit of "awe" is what saves me too sometimes:)