Thursday, 4 February 2016

Snowflakes in Summer

It has been so hot here the last few days. The temperature and humidity have soared and I have found myself longing for the kind of storm that chases the heat and cloying air away, leaving the sweet smell of rain behind. Even snow, all white and cold, would be welcome right now at my sub-tropical place.

It never snows where I live. Instead, in my little cottage garden, I have a Snow Flake bush; a form of low growing Euphorbia Leucocephla that covers itself in Summer with a jumble of dainty, creamy-white flowers on bright green 'spokes' that look like the underside of an umbrella. It is very hardy and very tolerant of hot, dry conditions. And it is hot at the moment!

A mass of tiny white Snow Flake petals.

I did venture out into the garden, under greying skies in the late afternoon, and noticed that this pretty bush self sows too. For, right down the other end of our backyard, I found a new little snowflake bush that has established itself where I grew some potatoes last year. I am planning on transferring it to a hotter and drier part of the garden. I know it will do well in those conditions. I, on the other hand, would wilt!

I hope you are staying cool if you live here in Australia or warm if you are rugged up for Winter on the other side of our world. 



  1. a very pretty bush indeed! haven't had much success growing it here though (tried twice & gave up)
    hope you got these rains that have been going through here, we have had a wet week here, though not so cool with the humidity. good rain though
    thanx for sharing

    1. Hi, Selina. My original Snow Flake was gifted to me in a pot. I planted it out in the garden then watered it fairly regularly until it was established but now leave it to fend for itself. It's grown into a well-rounded little bush, a bit too well-rounded because it's crowding out a white lavender I have growing near it. We have had some light showers here today, nothing to really soak into the soil or to take the edge off the humidity. Sigh!
      Thank you for visiting.