Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Baby Bluey

Look at this small, shy reptile we found peeking out from the gap between two hardwood sleepers. On closer inspection, after a check that he or she did indeed have legs, it was decided that this must be a young Blue-tongue Lizard. 

 A young Blue-tongue Lizard peeks out from his hiding spot.

A while ago, our young son discovered a scaly and very well-nourished adult Blue-tongue whom he promptly christened Bluey. Upon this latest discovery, it was very quickly decided that this must be one of Bluey's babies. 

Our boy took these photos of Baby Bluey watching us from his cosy hiding space. How lovely to have a family of these interesting reptiles in our garden for us to observe and learn about...and to photograph!



  1. Very cute. We have seen an adult around but not for a while. I might put out a dish of water and see if we get a reappearance.

    1. We haven't seen our adult "Bluey" for a while put he must be around if there's babies!!

  2. when i was young i had a rockery that housed a variety of lizards, blue tongues were among them as well, very interesting lizards, also they can be a little territorial too.
    well done on the photos, they are quite stunning
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks for visiting, Selina. My boy was quite chuffed with his photos so I will share your comment with him:) We have lots of little skinks and whip snakes too, but the Blue-tongues seem to like the hardwood sleeper steps around the front of our house. That must be there territory.