Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter at Home

We plan to close our blue wooden gate and nestle into the peace of our home over the coming Easter holiday. We will bake in the kitchen, read on our beds and on blankets spread out on the grass, play board games at the old wooden table and potter in the garden. 

On Sunday, as is our tradition, little chocolate eggs will be hidden in the garden under leaves and sandpit edges and probably in the mailbox! We will share a lunch with our family around the table on the deck where a hopefully cool breeze will suggest that Autumn has finally come. There will be time for each other and time for ourselves. 

 Sweet, dyed Easter egg made by a much younger boy of mine. 

Whatever else may be happening, or not happening, in the world, here in our own home there will be love and hope and peace this Easter. I hope that, wherever you are in the world and whether or not your beliefs encompass Easter, that you find contentment in your own home over this long weekend.



  1. Your weekend sounds lovely. We hoped to be spending some time as a family too. My husband has been away a lot recently so we are all looking forward to four days together.

    1. With your husband away, you must be looking forward to all being together. Enjoy your Easter days.