Monday, 21 March 2016

Real Fast Food

On many a Friday afternoon, on our way home from school, I stop to buy fresh fish from a lovely, elderly man who parks his refrigerated van outside a popular local greengrocers. He's often sitting on a fold-out chair in the shade near his van, waiting to greet his customers with his happy smile, when I drive in. I join the queue, if there is one, and wait patiently for my turn to choose from his display of fresh, proudly not frozen, seafood.

While selecting some fresh fillets to bring home, from this former butcher who now sells seafood, we talk about the fish he has that week, about his grandchildren, about the weather. No matter how long the line behind me, he takes his time and lets me take mine as I choose the fish I'll bring home for my family's Friday night "fast food".

A tray of real fast food.
(Fresh fish dipped in egg-wash and rolled in bread crumbs.)

 I stop on Fridays because fresh fish, crumbed and pan fried in a little butter and served with a squeeze of lemon juice and some salad, is the most nutritious and quick homemade "fast food" I know how to prepare for my family. It's for the Friday nights when I'm tired from a week of school-run driving. It's for the Friday nights when my boy plays cricket and we have to jumble into the ute, with the dog in tow, to get to the cricket ground before the sun has set. It's for the Friday nights when I want fast food without the trans fat, sugar, additives or preservatives that I could pick up from a drive-through establishment.'s for my Friday afternoon chat with this kindly, older gentleman. I could buy my fish elsewhere, as there are two major supermarkets close by, but it wouldn't be the same. 


p.s. I also made this fishy bath mat, from an old beach towel, on the weekend. 


  1. Perfect! Most of the stuff at the major supermarkets is "thawed for you convenience" anyway, so I think you are much better off buying from the van. When we lived in Gundagai we had a fresh fish van just as you have described, it's very unique to inland towns isn't it.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, Cheryl. There is no way that fish, "thawed for convenience", would taste the same:)

  2. Yum, you've just reminded me I should buy some lovely fresh fish rather than the I&J packaged fish which is convenient....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Hi, Kathy. I buy a bit extra and crumb it before freezing it. That way I've always got some in the freezer for a quick mid-week meal or lunch on the weekend. Better than fish fingers and just as quick:)