Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Happy Jumble

Tucked into the soil, in my main veggie bed, are dozens of little seedlings. There is lettuce, silverbeet, Egyptian spinach, a non-hearting cabbage, beetroot, cornflowers, lobelia, dianthus, violas ("Johnny Jump-ups") and sweet peas. They are not planted in rows but intermingle in a happy jumble of veggies and flowers.

A pretty and delicious speckled lettuce.

 The vibrant blue blooms of lobelia.

 Very versatile silverbeet.

 Beautiful beetroot!

 Something new to try this year.

 Dianthus adds a pop of colour and the bees love  the honey-scented alyssum. 

Something different...non-hearting cabbage.

 Sweet peas like my grandparents used to grow. Oh, how I hope they will bloom for me!

All of these precious seedlings were planted over the last week or so. As I water them in the early mornings, I get such joy from imagining this garden bed in just a few short weeks time. In my mind's eye I can see tall silverbeet, colourful lettuce leaves, cheery Johnny Jump-ups, the nutritious leaves of the spinach and cabbage and the vibrant blues of the lobelia and cornflowers. And, while the wait will be longer, I am so looking forward to that first sweet pea bloom that I know will smell indescribably of my Grandmother. For, in planting them, I have planted memories!

What have you planted out in your garden recently? Have you planted some memories too?



  1. What a beautiful sight :) I have just started planting...seeds went in the ground last weekend for swiss chard, kale, spinach, salad greens, and peas. We are in early planting mode here, so only cold weather crops are planted now, another month before we can get the summer crops in.

    Enjoy your time in the garden.

    1. Isn't it wonderful when seeds and seedlings go into the ground at the start of a new planting season! I have little seeds for a leafy veg I know as purple choi (I have no idea what it's technical name is). I collected the seeds last season and am trying to start them off in little newspaper pots for sowing directly in the ground later. I have room for some kale seedlings too. Tuscan kale is my favourite. Happy gardening! Meg:)

  2. Nothing planted out here yet still too cold, we have snow forecast at the weekend. Everything is hiding in the polytunnel for the moment. I always have to have curled parsley in my garden as it reminds me of my grandmothers house she always grew the most amazing curly parsley and had it in a pot outside her kitchen door.

    1. I grow curly parsley too in one of my big barrels and it thrives there. It's such a versatile herb:) You must be looking forward to planting out once it becomes warm enough. Meg

  3. Planting memories! What a wonderful concept.

    1. I think memories can be made out in the garden. I hope my boy will remember the things we've planted and grown together when he's older. I certainly remember the tall, fragrant sweet peas my grandparents grew and hope the ones I've planted this year will smell just as lovely!