Monday, 4 April 2016

Pretty Pink Pentas

When in flower, my pentas remind me of pretty pink pompoms with their rounded flowerheads made up of clusters of starry-shaped blooms. 

 Such a beautiful bloom!

At our place, they grow under the dappled shade offered by a large grevillia. This must offer them a favourable micro-climate because they thrive there in an otherwise hot, south-westerly facing part of the garden. 

Pink Pentas growing under our native red-flowering grevillia.

After they were first planted, they soon disappeared during a long drought but, with the return of more regular rain, new pentas plants sprang up and now they fill this space with their pretty blooms for much of the year. 

A little whimsy added by a young boy some years ago.

Pentas are very easy care perennials. In my experience, they benefit from a deep watering if they begin to wilt during drier times; a light pruning when their flowerheads are finished; and a more vigorous pruning when they become straggly. Apart from that, and the odd haphazard application of some worm tea and lucerne mulch, they are a very low-maintenance plant in my cottagy garden.



  1. They are very pretty aren't they.

  2. They are very old-fashioned cottage garden flowers and oh, so pretty!