Wednesday, 7 September 2016

New Growth

While we turn the pages on a calendar to herald a new month, and sometimes a change in season, it is the first leaves, emerging on bare branches, that are a Plane Tree's way of signalling the warming temperatures and lengthening days of early Spring.

A new leaf unfurling on a Plane Tree.

As the Spring days unfold, so too will more and more of these bright green leaves. Soon, the tree's silvery branches will be covered in a mass of fresh, maple-like leaves.  

This new growth, to me, is this tree's own celebration of the coming of Spring. A time, in one of nature's intriguing cycles, for renewal.





  1. I gauge the official start of Spring by the first day I smell our "bubble gum tree" (I forget it's proper name) often times you get the first smell of it a couple of weeks before the calendar says its Spring, this year I didn't get the first whiff of it until 2 days after Spring started, so I will be taking note of the coming Spring/Summer weather to see what sort of a season it heralds. I've got a feeling in my bones we are in for a dry hot one.

  2. The Plane Trees lost their leaves quite late this year, much later than usual. A response, I think, to the warmer Winter we had. I hope the Summer isn't long and hot like it was last year, Cheryl. It seemed to stretch on forever! Meg:)

  3. Isn't nature wonderful to observe?

    1. Yes, nature is indeed full of wonder. When we take the time to observe, there is so much that is intriguing about nature's ways. Meg:)