Friday, 2 December 2016


Tomorrow (I can't wait until tomorrow) we will make the journey over to the island we love.  It's been a whole year since we were there and I have missed it so. 

A long stretch of beautiful beach.

We'll cross the bay on one of the barges and I know, as soon as we dock and drive off, that I will feel that first sense of peace that will deepen as we drive out, seeing familiar roads and turn-offs and trees. There'll come a point along that road where the first glimpse of the blue ocean we'll be beside for the next few weeks will come into view. A sliver of sea-blue happiness!

Blue waving rolling in to the shore.

In our old ute will be everything we need for the next couple of weeks.  The rest will be far away. Too far to swim back for! My blog will be back here too, waiting for me to wash off the sand, hang up my beach towel and share a little more of this most beautiful place with you. 

Take care.



  1. Oh I'm sighing with you! It sounds great.
    I feel exactly like that when we go bush camping on the Clarence River :)

  2. It's a long and contented sigh, Cheryl. The best kind! Meg:)

  3. Enjoy your island, see you when you get back.

  4. Oh Meg, how wonderful to get a break on your beautiful island. We will miss you but hope you have a wonderful rest and recharge. X

  5. Have a great holiday. wish I was coming too, sounds wonderful!

  6. The island looks beautiful, Meg. Its only a few weeks since I was at the beach and I am already missing it. I think the only island I have been on is Green Island back in the 1970s. I remember it well as my friend and I walked around the island on an overcast day in our togs and I got really badly burnt and ended up looking like a lobster.