Monday, 13 March 2017

Here & Now 10

My week days here have been busy of late but now, come the weekend, I've relaxed back into the happy patterns of home. It's so lovely to slip into the comforts and corners of one's own home after spending some days working. Even when that work is fulfilling and joyful, it is still wonderful to come home.

A beautifully stitched project bag that inspired me to make one of my own.

So many good reads from my local library.

Refreshing, invigorating and simple Foot Scrub.

Loving //  Leisurely reading through all the wonderful books I have borrowed from my local library.
Eating //  Small slices of this lovely, simple Lemon Crumble Slice. (Sorry, no photo, we ate it all!)
Drinking //  Fresh, clean, filtered water 
Feeling //  Inspired by the tiny, botanical stitchings of Melissa Wastney
Making //  Minty and invigorating Magnesium Foot Scrubs for friends.
Thinking //  Of all I'm going to learn when I do an Introduction to Permaculture course in a couple 
                         of weeks time. (Hooray!)
Dreaming //  Of all the abundance I hope to grow in my Autumn veggie patch.
                          (That's if Autumn ever arrives as it's 32C again here today!)

I love the simple and happy rhythms of our home that create a here & now that is like a soothing balm, a warm hug and a refreshing reminder of what matters most. You can share your own simple pleasures and projects, with Sarah and all of us, over at Say, Little Hen.



  1. I am intrigued by that magnesium foot scrub, does it help with hot restless feet. Aren't libraries fabulous places. I often use them as a try before I buy option for books too.

    1. The foot scrub is so easy and quick to make, Julie. I use the recipe from Wellness Mama blog. I find it soothes tired and aching feet and lower legs. I think the peppermint would be quite cooling for hot feet. Meg:)

  2. That lemon crumble looks yummy - no wonder it didn't survive for photos. :) Good luck with the course - it sounds like fun learning!

    1. That lemon crumble slice has led me on a bit of a search for other crumble slices, with base and filling and crumble on the top! I can't wait to do the course because I'm very interested in Permaculture, I've done a little reading, but this will be a practical introduction in at the city farm I love visiting. Meg:)

    2. My mom makes a delicious date crumble...mmm... :) I haven't had one in a VERY long time. I might need to did out the secret family recipe book she made for all us kids and whip some up!

    3. Date crumble sounds lovely! And a secret family recipe books sounds intriguing! Meg:)

  3. Lemon Crumble Slice sounds like something that would definitely be in danger of being eaten before photographed. I love all things lemony. If I really want something photographed around here before before being eaten, I do it while it's still hot :-)

    Have fun at your course! I hope you get lots of inspiration and can get gardening afterwards - and I hope it cools down for you!

    Sarah x

    1. We have had rain, Sarah, which we so needed because everything was looking and feeling so dry. The temperature is still too warm for this Autumn though.

      I might have to try your trick of photographing things while they are still too hot to's incredible how quickly that slice disappeared!