Monday, 10 July 2017

Cockatoo Capers

These cheeky characters entertained us for quite a while yesterday. We first heard the distinctive screeching of these Sulphur Crested Cockatoos off in the distance before they landed, with loud commotion, on our verandah. They seemed not the least bit perturbed by our inquistive presence and interest in their shenanigans. They were quite happy to pose for photographs before flying off to a nearby gum tree. Cheeky!

A cheeky trio of cockatoos!

 An inquisitive fellow.

Pure white feathers and a little yellow crest.

Perched together in a gum tree.

I suspect this trio of cheeky birds may be interested in the still unripe passionfruit on our vine. In previous years, they have plundered our passionfruit, taken the still green fruits up on to our roof, had a nibble and then sent the remains tumbling down the "alleys" of our corrugated roof like bowling balls. What a racket!

These cockatoos are a noisy native bird but I love seeing them here. I don't mind paying for such entertainment in passionfruits ... as long as they leave a few for us!



  1. You have captured some great photos Meg.
    As far as your passionfruit goes I think it will be fine. They look like sharing Cockatoos 🙂.

    1. They are cheeky birds, Kylie. I'm not sure they'll share with me...perhaps we'll get the ones they leave abandoned in the guttering after they've rolled them down the roof! Meg:)

  2. We had about 10 or so, sitting on our chicken coop roof, as they scoped out the orange tree. They've been helping clean up the fallen fruit, and don't seem to be taking to the tree. Thankfully.

    Love your pictures. Yours must be tamer than ours. They just have to hear us, and they're off!

    1. They were quite tame, Chris, as I was able to get up quite close to take the photos. I think they are used to us humans here in suburbia. Meg:)