Monday, 2 October 2017

Wonderful Wombok Salad

A fresh Chinese cabbage, crunchy ingredients and a peanut-y dressing make a wonderful, fresh and light salad. Perfect for warm Spring days!

Fresh ingredients for a delicious, crunchy salad.

Wombok forms the leafy basis of this delicious salad. It is an oval-shaped Chinese cabbage with distinctive lighter-green, crinkly leaves. Finely shredded and then tossed with other fresh, raw veggies like capsicum, spring onion, carrot and celery, sprinkled with toasty slivered almonds and sesame seeds and finished off with a generous drizzle of a tangy, peanut butter dressing. So good...  and so good for you!  (Please note that it's not suitable for those with nut allergies.)

As soon as I spotted the wombok, grown just to the North of our city on the Sunshine Coast, and available in our little local organic market shop, I knew I could put it together with the  crunchy celery from my garden to make this salad.  Here's how it came together in my kitchen:

Wash, dry and finely shred leaves of the wombok. 

Chop spring onion, celery, capsicum and grate carrot. 

Toss prepared salad vegetables together in a bowl.

Sprinkle with toasted slivered almonds & sesame seeds.
(Toss again to incorporate throughout the salad.)

This is a very versatile salad. I don't work off exact quantities for the salad because you can add as much as you like of the extra veggies to the shredded wombok. It really doesn't matter if you use one carrot or two, half a capsicum or a whole one.  You could add some chunks of de-seeded cucumber, some fresh bean sprouts or some fried Chinese noodles for extra crunch.  Shredded chicken is nice if you want to add a meat to the salad.

There are many different kinds of dressings that you could use with this salad. I chose to make this peanut-buttery dressing that I found over at the Laughing Spatula website.  I whisked up the dressing separately and then drizzled it over the top of each serve rather than adding it to the salad bowl. Leftovers of both went separately into the fridge ready for lunch the next day. (No soggy salad that way!)

This is a really lovely salad. It's fresh, it's crunchy and it's totally delicious. Enjoy!



  1. That looks and sounds delicious Meg! Thank for sharing!

    1. It is a lovely salad, Debbie. Full of flavour and nutrition and the peanut butter dressing is just sublime! Meg:)

  2. That salad looks great, Meg. Last week we had salads every night as it was too hot to cook in the kitchen. Now it has turned cold again so we are back to eating hot foods. LOL!

    1. The cooler weather and the rain is lovely, Chel! Meg:)

  3. Replies
    1. I hope you like it, Clarissa. It's a really refreshing salad, full of raw veggies so really healthy too. Meg:)

  4. Your wombok has lots of lovely green leaves on it, the ones we get here don't have as much green, but still make a nice salad. I usually make a soy based vinaigrette because it is quick, but I will try the peanut dressing it sounds yummo.

    1. The peanut dressing is quite moreish, Pip. Adds a bit of a different twist to this salad. I hope you like it when you make it. Meg:)