Saturday, 2 December 2017

And Away We Go ...

The Christmas tree is up and dressed in all its finery. Parcels for far-away family have all been posted. Our boy has finished school for the year. Our old ute is partially packed and the dog is out-of-sorts because he knows something's afoot. He's right too ... we are about to head off on holiday!  Straddie here we come!

A glimpse of beautiful Straddie.

We're not going far, just across the bay to the island we love and visit every year. On clear days, we can catch glimpses of this special place out on the horizon but it's raining here this morning and that view is obscured by cloud. Hopefully, it will break and be fine and clear for the trip across on the barge later today.

One of the barges that ferries folk to and from the island.

We're set to arrive late this afternoon. I can't wait! As soon as we get there, and unpack the essentials, we'll walk across to the beach. We'll dip our toes in the water, feel the afternoon sea breeze on our shoulders, write our names in the sand. Perhaps, we'll stay until the sun goes down. 

The golden light of sunset on Straddie.

Our days will be filled with the beach and ocean, with long walks on the sand, with exploring rockpools and watching for wildlife. There'll be board games and beach cricket and lazy hours spent reading books under shady trees. There might be a little knitting and stitching too:) There'll be the sound of happy laughter and those contented sighs at bedtime after our sun-drenched days. 

I'll catch up with you all again when we get back home in a few weeks time. Take Care!



  1. Oh that sounds so lovely Meg!
    No need to say enjoy yourself, that's a given!
    See you when you are home again :)

  2. Have fun dearest Meg, I have never visited Straddie, something we must do one day. There is nothing like a beach to calm your soul. Safe travels.

  3. Sounds lovely. Have a wonderful time with your family Meg.

  4. Have a wonderful break Meg, sounds devine.
    Take care

  5. enjoy your holiday!
    look forward to the stories & pics when you get back!
    thanx for sharing

  6. Sounds like a beautiful place, enjoy your time there.