Friday, 2 February 2018

February Flowers & an Embroidery Book

My love of flowers knows no bounds! I grow them in my garden for the sheer delight of them.  Their colourful forms, their sublime fragrances, their botanic beauty. I wait as buds form, marvel at them as they open fully under the sun and watch as they slowly fade and their petals fall. Bees plunder them, butterflies drink their nectar and I save their seeds so I can enjoy them again when next their season comes around.

At the beginning of this February, here are four lovely flowers that are lending their beauty to our garden:

Yarrow ... tiny & sweet.

Penstemon ... tubular & delicate.

 Salvia ...  vibrant & tall.

Queen Anne's Lace ... intricate & so fine!

As much as I love real flowers, like those that bloom in our garden, I am equally enchanted by the embroidery that is inspired by them. Melissa Wastney's beautiful botanical stitching has long been a favourite and I recently discovered the stitching of Kazuko Aoki. She grows the most gorgeous flower gardens with her needle and threads! One of her books, The Embroidered Garden arrived in my letterbox recently and I can't stop looking at it! There are so many beautiful flowers, tiny garden creatures and pretty projects. (The link to this book takes you to a review over at Feeling Stitchy. (Please note the giveaway at this link is no longer current.)

A beautiful embroidery book.

I would love to be able to embroider just a little of the beauty of the flowers in our garden with such detail. Perhaps I'll play with my own needle and threads this coming weekend. If the weather clears, I think I will spread out a little blanket on the grass near the yarrow and its tiny, sweet blooms. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend.



  1. Oh they do look so beautiful don't they.

  2. Meg I used to embroider flowers when I was younger and my eyesight was better. Your flowers are quite beautiful. I haven't heard of Pensemon. Very pretty.

    1. The penstemon is so very pretty, Chel. It's the first time I've grown them and so it was lovely to see this first flower emerge. It's such a gorgeous colour! Meg:)

  3. The embroidery book looks amazing. Sienna got a black back pack to start high school because of the extra compartments so spent 2 weeks before school started doing embroidery badges of a rainbow, an eye, a lightening bolt and a few other things and pinned them to her bag. She is amazingly creative and just jumps on the iPad to look up ideas.

    1. It's lovely that Sienna like crafting, Kathy. Such a great way to personalise her backpack with the badges too. I hope her first year at high school has started well. Meg:)