Monday, 20 August 2018

Australian National Botanic Gardens

The national Botanic Gardens in Canberra are dedicated to our amazingly diverse native plants. Iconic, towering gum trees with their beautiful barks. A rainforest gully all shady, cool and green. Clusters of spiky shrubs where little birds play hide and seek among the leaves and sip nectar from the blossoms. Drifts of wildflowers that burst into colour and look so spectacular  against a deep blue sky ...

A very pretty Pimelea.

The ancient & fascinating Wollemi Pine.

The beautiful  bark of just one Eucalypt species.

 A Thorny Devil sculpture for a hot, dry desert garden.

The golden 'candles' of a Banksia.

The papery flowers of an everlasting daisy.

Trickling water near the rainforest gully.

Two little Eastern Yellow Robins!

An Eastern Spinebill too!

Clumps that form giant 'grassy-heads'.
(I'm sure there are faces hiding under all that hair!)

We wandered the paths of these gorgeous gardens for just a couple of hours but I could've spent all day meeting more and more of our beautiful native plants. So much variety and texture and colour. I will be keeping an eye out for a few that I can plant here at our place.



  1. Looks fascinating, Meg. I haven't been there. I saw that plant in the last photo in a pot at the Carnival of Flowers and there were sunglasses on it. LOL! Very quirky.

  2. Most of these trees and flowers are unfamiliar to me. I saw lots of eucalyptus trees while in Melbourne, but I don't remember seeing a big tree like that.
    Thank you sharing these Meg. 😊

    1. There are many different types of eucalypts, Nil. Some grow to be huge! I loved the bark of this one. Meg:)

  3. It's fun to see new and different flowers and birds. Those robins are such a bright, cheerful shade of yellow. It sounds like you had a fabulous time. Love the photos.

    1. I think it's lovely to see the flora and fauna from different places too, Stephenie. I especially love birds and these little robins were such a joy to watch. Meg:)

  4. Love the thorny devil! I thought he was real.

    1. Isn't it a fantastic sculpture! It's a giant life-like version. Meg:D