Sunday, 15 November 2015

Star Weaving

A few weekends ago, I went along to my local community centre, along with many other women, to learn how to weave a very special star. 

My very first 8 point star...

The symbolic 8-pointed woven stars I learned to make are for Maryann Talia Pau's inspirational 1 Million Stars to End Violence Project. You can read more about this amazing project at 

If you would like to weave your own stars, there is a video tutorial at the site above that shows you how to make them. And, if you'd like your stars to shine alongside so many others, in a message for non-violence and peace, then you can send them to Maryann at the address provided on the same website.

Hand-woven stars in the late afternoon light.

My stars, and all the others woven that afternoon, will form part of Maryann's final installation of one million stars come 2018.  May all the love and hope woven into each and every star shine very brightly; into the darkest of hearts and during the darkest of hours. 

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