Thursday, 12 November 2015

Nature's Gems

Sometimes, when I am out in my garden, I come across a leaf, a flower or an animal that makes me stop for a while and forget the weeding, watering, pruning or mulching that had been my intention.  Instead, I find myself still and observing, listening, smelling or holding something truly beautiful.

The first magnolia flower to open this year in my garden made me pause in such a way. Its large, creamy petals and its distinct, gentle fragrance reminded me that nature can offer us glimpses of perfection.

The unfurling white bloom of Magnolia "Little Gem".

My beautiful boy was not struck however by its size, its colour or its fragrance. Instead, when I took him down to show him the "treasure" I'd found in the garden, he instinctively touched the petals to his face and said, "It's soft like a blanket!" When I then cupped it in my hands, I felt that softness too and marvelled at it. Something precious indeed!

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