Saturday, 5 December 2015

North Gorge Walk

The wind was blowing a gale here on the island yesterday. It stirred up the sand, which stung the back of our legs as we walked the beach, and whipped up the waves so they came roaring on to shore. We spent the morning exploring rock pools until an unexpected wave drenched the lot of us and we had to high-tail it home because we had decided against wearing swimmers or packing towels (not an entirely sensible decision, in hindsight).

In the late afternoon, rugged up against a now-cold wind, we went for a walk around the North Gorge at Point Lookout. The views from the path are spectacular along this walk that hugs the coastline around the gorge. 

Waves rolling in towards Frenchman's Beach.

Early evening view looking southwards over Main Beach.

The entrance to North Gorge.

We have often spotted dolphins, sea turtles, rays and humpback whales (during the months of their annual migration) from our favourite vantage points along this walk but they must have been hiding underneath all the white-capped waves yesterday. We did however cross paths with several kangaroos feasting on grass and giving their furry tummies a good scratch.

Kangaroo in lush grass along North Gorge Walk.

I wouldn't mind living where they do; close to the ocean with million-dollar views stretching out all the way to the horizon!


  1. Beautifully written, Meg. I can feel the salty sand stinging the back on my legs!

    1. Thanks! To get back home after our drenching, we had to run the length of Frenchman's beach with the wind trying to push us backwards the whole way! Up all 221 stairs in record time too!