Friday, 4 December 2015

On Island Time

We are here again! On our beloved island, affectionately known as "Straddie" or more formally (which doesn't quite suit her laid-back style) as North Stradbroke Island.

We left the mainland world behind last Friday and are now on island time. Our Straddie days unfold without set plans and without reference to clocks or calendars. They are filled with long, unhurried beach walks and refreshing ocean swims that leave us salty and sandy and content. We fall into bed each night, happy and weary, with the rhythmic crash of the waves soothing us to sleep. 

The sandy path I tread that offers glimpses, through the trees, of the beauty beyond.

 The wide and peaceful beach at the end of that sandy path.

There is something special about this island. (I'll show you more of her here over the next week or so.) I first felt it over twenty years ago, and I feel it now while I'm typing and listening to the sea. It's nature, it's simplicity and it's memories. 

I would not want to be anywhere else.