Friday, 26 February 2016

Rich beyond Measure

Sometimes, I feel rich beyond measure. Rich, not in terms of our bank balance (which no-one in their right mind would call rich), but in terms of the people, my family and my friends, who enrich and influence my life. 

Well over twenty years ago, I was lucky enough to meet one such friend and a few nights ago we shared a dinner together. She is wise, this old friend of mine. Her heart is profoundly good and beautiful and, in being so, she lifts my heart and my spirit. 

As we often do, when we get the rare opportunity to catch up with one another, we spoil one another with little gifts we have found that we know the other will love. We get as much joy from making and sourcing these offerings as we do from the giving. From our dinner, I not only brought home a feeling of profound gratitude that this outstanding human being is my friend, but a few treasures that I will hold and use and that will remind me of her generosity and kindness. 

 A hand-built tiny ceramic terrine and a beautiful blue bird brooch.

Handmade and beautiful.

A sweet stitched dove and a new notebook.

I hope that you are blessed too with nurturing and supportive friendships in your life. I feel sure that it is such close relationships that are a true measure of wealth.


p.s. Have a lovely weekend. Perhaps you'll have the chance up with an old friend too.