Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Stitching Sunshine in a Leaf

Along one of our side boundaries, our neighbour has grown two majestic plane trees.  These stunning deciduous trees mark the seasons with leaves that are gloriously green in Summer, yellow and brown in Autumn and scattered all over the ground in Winter. Budding leaves, on bare branches early in Spring, are awaited here by all of us as a sign that warmer days are on their way.

The leaves of the plane tree are reminiscent of the shape of maple leaves.  I love their intricate, pointing edges and their branching veins. On a warm day I chose one and, inspired by the beautiful embroidered leaves of Hillary Fayle, I began stitching some sunshine.

Sunshine in a leaf.

Around and around, under and over, until a round "sun" formed in the centre of its anchoring "rays".  When it was done, I tacked it up on a window that catches the morning light. Whenever I see it, I always think of the sun and its central role in all of our lives. It is light. It is warmth. It is energy. 

I hope you enjoy the warm touch of the sun today.



  1. You are so clever! How did you manage to do it without tearing the leaf?

    1. It took a long time as I had to remain conscious of not pulling the thread too tightly as I wove around and around as it would have ripped the tiny pinprick holes around the outer edge of the circle I cut out. It was a lovely process though, quite calming, and a joy when it was done:)