Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Pondering Pelicans

On a recent walk along an island foreshore, I happened across three gregarious pelicans wading into the shallows of the sea. They ventured forth into the wind-whipped waves, bobbing about like little black and white boats, their long and distinctive bills scooping and filtering the briny water in search of a snack of silvery fish. 

Three portly pelicans looking out to sea.

Upon sighting them, I was instantly reminded of Colin Thiele's, Storm Boy, a novel set in an isolated coastal landscape and centred around the close relationship between a gentle young boy and a pelican he has rescued and reared. Destruction, loss and change reach this wild place and the young boy who lives upon its dunes. Thiele's carefully-crafted, descriptive words make one's heart ache at the carelessness of those removed so far from nature that they wontonly destroy it. I haven't shared it with my young boy as yet but one day, not too far away, I will.

The pelicans, who prompted my thoughts of Thiele's book, eventually spread their majestic wings and flew, their heavy bodies skimming the water before they reached greater heights.

I hope I encounter them again. 



  1. Small world!
    The kids and I just watched Storm Boy on DVD in the school holidays!
    I hadn't seen it since I was a child, they kind of liked it, I think compared to todays action packed, colourful, music filled movies it felt a bit dull and slow to them, but to their credit they stuck with it.
    Beautiful story, reminded me a little of child hood.

    1. A small world indeed! I agree with you, the film is very different to many of the movies made for children today. In a way, I think it's refreshing to watch a movie like "Storm Boy" occasionally. Instead of being bombarded with colour, music, light and fast-paced action, this requires the following of a very emotive and poignant story. Either way, whether it's reading the book or viewing the film, I think that "Storm Boy" is still a relevant story that has a way of touching children and remaining with them long after the ending.

  2. i've only ever seen the movie storm boy, from memory a very emotional tale.
    those are beautiful birds indeed, i always think they look a little like the pterodactyls, for such big birds they can fly ever so gracefully.
    thanx for sharing

    1. I read somewhere that their wingspan can stretch out to over 2m! Big birds, indeed!
      Thanks for visiting, Selina:)