Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Peppermint Foot Scrub

I spend a lot of time outside. Usually, and preferably, without shoes on! Unfortunately, that means that the skin on my heels can become very dry. So, rather than buying expensive exfoliating scrubs, in little plastic containers, I decided to make my own nourishing and moisturising foot scrub.

I researched some recipes online that use salt or sugar as the exfoliating ingredient but settled on one which uses epsom salts which are rich in magnesium. Magnesium is a health-promoting mineral which many people can be deficient in but which is readily absorbed through the skin.  So, not only should my feet become smoother and softer with regular use but my body will get a magnesium boost too!

I followed this recipe from Wellness Mama. I sourced my ingredients from what I already had here at home and from my local health food shop. 

 Four simple ingredients.

 Measure out and mix all the ingredients together.

Pack into an airtight container.

It was quick, simple and inexpensive to make and smells deliciously minty. As I'm exfoliating, I breathe in deeply that fresh, invigorating scent. Of course, you're not limited to peppermint. You could mix in your own favourite essential oil or blend instead.


p.s. Once you've made it up, soak your feet in some warm water, use a teaspoonful of scrub to exfoliate each foot, wash off and pat dry. Very indulgent!


  1. this looks so nice! i'm going to make some - thanks for the idea :)

    1. It is lovely and you can add your own favourite essential oil to the mix instead of peppermint. I find that it leaves my skin feeling very soft. Thanks for visiting!