Monday, 23 May 2016

My Late Autumn Veggie Patch

We are only a few weeks away from the official start of Winter where I live. While the extreme heat of the long Summer has faded now, our Autumn days have still been unseasonably warm. Later this week, we are forecast to have a 30C day, which leaves one wondering what kind of Winter we will have.

Out in my garden, I held off on Autumn planting for as long as possible to try to avoid the heat. I'm glad I waited as long as I did! The tiny seedlings, which I planted in a happy jumble a relatively short while ago, are now healthy and thriving.  Delicious!

 The bright green leaves of this non-hearting cabbage are delicious in stir-fries.

 A small tomato plant offers up the promise of ripe, red fruit.

 Young silverbeet leaves are so versatile and nutritious.

 The leaves and stalks of beetroot are wonderful in salads.

 The serrated leaves of Egyptian spinach are perfect for tossing into omelettes.

 Young Tuscan Kale is one of my favourite veggie patch heroes.

A young lettuce shaded by the taller leaves of silverbeet.

We are picking small baskets of this freshest of foods for our table and have enough to share with our family, neighbours and friends too. It doesn't get much better than that!

What are you growing and eating at your place?



  1. Wow look at your garden it is amazing, I love all your greens. I think your winters may be warmer than our summers although I guessing that 30°C is exceptional for Autumn/Winter where you are?

    1. Thanks! I love all our greens too as it's so easy to pick some leaves and toss them into omelettes, or salads or stirfry. It has been unseasonably warm for Autumn here. Even though we are now getting some crisp mornings, the temperature is still climbing too high during the day. I've really had to keep the water up to the veggies as things are drying out so quickly. How warm do your Summers typically get? Meg:)

  2. Goodness everything looks so green and lush, and I bet it tastes delicious! Things are just starting to grow here, little sprouts are popping up from the earth, and slowly we are harvesting for our meals. Feels so good to be out there after our long winter.

    Happy gardening!

    1. Thanks, Kim. It does all taste delicious and so fresh. I'm always popping out the back door to go pick something to include in our meals. Whether that's silverbeet in our omelettes for breakfast, lettuce in a salad at lunchtime or some Asian cabbage leaves for a stif-fry at night. It feels so good to be able to grow some of our own food and be that little bit self-reliant. Happy gardening to you, too! Meg:)